We come to your school for 1.5 hour after school workshops, or we can build one or more of the workshops, and more advanced programming lessons, into a full day workshop, customized for your school.

We currently have the following 1.5hr after school workshops available:

Workshop 1: Demystifying the Digital technologies curriculum

  • Are you meeting the requirements of the digital tech curriculum? What does it all mean? And how can you build it into what you are already teaching? We break down the Digital Technologies Curriculum into plain English. Your presenter will go through the summary document line by line and show you how to fit each point into your existing lesson plans.

Workshop 2: Using digital technologies to tell stories

  • A step by step guide to telling stories using digital technologies. Make animated characters, add music, action, and dialogue, and make “choose your own adventure” style stories in code.

Workshop 3: Using digital technologies to teach shapes & geometry

  • This workshop teaches the basics of geometry using code. We teach you how to draw shapes in code by translating the properties of the shape. Show how to make the same code draw a triangle, a square, a pentagon, or any polygon just by changing the number of sides.

Workshop 4: Using digital technologies for art

  • Yes, you can teach art using code! Make spirograph patterns, explore the role of geometry in art, and use all the colours of the rainbow – all in code.

Workshop 5: Python programming for beginners

  • Introduction to text based programming in Python. This workshop uses the same curriculum as the geometry workshop, but in Python rather than SNAP. For those who feel they have gone as far as block based programming can take them, this workshop is the next step.

Workshops are intended to be run at your school, using your equipment, so that you can learn on the same systems you’ll use to teach with. We have carefully selected online software, SNAP,  that will run on any device – ipads, chromebooks, Windows machines and Macintoshes. You won’t need to download or install anything, you can get coding straight away.

We also provide ongoing support through our website forum, so that you can have your questions answered by our presenters, and connect with other teachers.

All of our reference materials and notes will be available to workshop participants online.

More advanced workshops are in development, and longer workshops are available on request



Workshop 1 is $600 for unlimited attendees

Workshops 2-5 $600 for up to 15 attendees. +$100 for every extra 15 staff members. This is to ensure that we can provide sufficient support to each attendee.